Welcome To Kelowna Community Development Society

Building Capacity for Inclusive Communities

The Kelowna Community Development Society (KCDS) is dedicated to providing support for adults with intellectual disabilities. Our approach is personalized and collaborative. We work with individuals, their families, friends and support networks, as well as other service providers to create a plan that supports the individual in achieving their goals and living a life with dignity and respect.

We seek to involve, assist and inform family and friends so they can be:

  • knowledgeable about the circumstances and choices available to the person
  • consulted with regard to these circumstances and choices
  • active in the life of the person
  • supported in their care of the person

KCDS is committed to listening and learning what is important to the individual from their own perspective. We also assist family and friends in identifying what is important for the individual. What emerges from this person-centered process is a service delivery plan used to assist the individual to meet their personal goals

KCDS Mission

We foster integration, inclusion and independence through all of our programs. We believe that disability should be replaced with diversability; recognizing the value of all people and their ability to give back to our community in diverse and meaningful ways.